What we do

Smoking fish is a true art. Our expert smokers take many different factors into account: the size of the fish, daily changes in the weather conditions and the passing of the seasons. At Foppen, we use only the very best wood to smoke our fish – Foppen’s unique blend of oak and beech. That’s what gives our products their characteristic smoky flavor and wonderful texture.

Cold smoking

For cold smoking, whole sides of fresh salmon go into the smoking chamber. They are dried and smoked for six-eight hours at a temperature of between 70°F and 85°F. One advantage of this method is that the fillets retain their firm texture. This allows us to cut the salmon into perfect slices.

Watch our movie about cold smoking

Hot smoking

Whole sides of salmon are used in hot smoking. Over the course of several hours, the temperature in the smoking chamber slowly rises from 150°F to 185ºF. The result is salmon that is smoked to perfection with an intense smoky flavor, which can be enjoyed bot warm or cold.

Watch our movie about hot smoking

Quality every day

From a tradition of flavor, towards the future of flavor. Our number one focus is always on quality. In every product, and every day. For us, quality is not just about quality controls and systems. Quality is also about making a difference every day!

Every day our products are extensively tested and checked – by us in our laboratory, but also by external experts. And of course, we are HACCP and IFS-certified.

Sustainable fishing and farming

All our fish is sustainable and comes from ASC-certified nurseries in Norway, or from MSC-certified wild catch from Alaska. That is the only way we can guarantee the best quality fish for our customers.