Our iconic products

Foppen started out selling smoked eel, but these days we are proud of our extensive range of products.
We now offer various types of cold-smoked and hot-smoked salmon. Take a look at our complete range.

Cold-smoked salmon

All our sliced salmon is intensely smoked and has been praised for its delicious flavor and melt-in-the-mouth texture. We smoke the salmon extra long, using a proven method with distinctive beech and oak smoke. Take a look at our complete range of cold-smoked salmon.

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Hot-smoked salmon

All our hot-smoked salmon has a rich, refined and smoky flavor. As the name suggests, we smoke the salmon at warmer temperatures using oak and beech wood smoke. Take a look at our complete range of hot-smoked salmon.

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Specialty salmon

In addition to our cold and hot-smoked salmon products, the Foppen range also includes a number of specialty salmon. For example, salmon slices for toast or crackers that fit perfectly onto a cracker, or smoked gravlax, marinated with fresh dill and pepper. Take a closer look at our specialties!

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